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Thursday, September 25, 2008

the artist i would like to have in our exhibition are:
chukes because he fits in are endurance of psychological he focus on human expression in his art work
joe sam i think he fits in are endurance of psychological his work reflects on the problems and ideas concering people of color

lauren davis because see fits in are endurance of nature because she uses dog hair and creature new and amazing work. She focuses on the relationship to the natural world

friedman warner in my opinion fits in are nature endurance because her work {reflects in opinion all the session of this world} my opinion

What do you guys think?sorry i havnt been to class i havnt been feeling good i hope to be back soon

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Mari said...

i agree, i like chukes and lauren davies, btu i didn't know hw to write cheke's so i couldn't find pictures to show people
and I havent heard of that last one, do you think you can provide some pictures of some of that person's work?