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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Title Contemplation

(Re:)Birth of the Future [World] <-- Brackets mean whether or not it could be added.

I'm being surrounded by things concerning the word "world": The World Ends With You, WORLD END...



Monica said...

I like the idea of "(Re)Birth: Endurance of the FLESH".
HAHAHA that sounds funny.

Temo said...

I like this title....

"(Re:)Birth of the Future" is a very smart play with word. "re-birth" like the renewal...Birth by itself leads to the reader to think of "new life", a new start, but also, to remember where that "child" is from...innocence/peace is also tied in that also put Future in there is very nice!!! because I think that future just comes at us, wherever we are....but the title in its entirety give a notion of Phoenix, from the ashes WE BUILD FROM THE DESTRUCTION of the past and create a new future for us, from the dark memory, there is light.

Very good Kristine, I can see you thinking

(Please read this comment carefully, I have put in some suggestions, both explicitly and implicitly)