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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Goodbye Kate and Thank You! Hello Jaime.

At yesterday's class, Kate, our curatorial godmother, announced that as of this Friday, September 19, she will be leaving her position as Interim Director of Visual Arts for YBCA as a new Director of Visual Arts Betti-Sue Hertz was announced.

This is sad news, but Kate assured us that she will continue to check in periodically to see our progress as a curatorial team, and will accompany us to a few of the artist studio visits for those artist whom she suggested. The YAAWs that were present spoke very openly and gratefully to Kate thanking her for her service and getting their final questions to her. I want to thank her for the time that she did spend with us. She provided a solid foundation for the understanding of the curatorial duties that we will face, and was very instrumental in helping us arrive to the curatorial statement and themes for our show. Once again, I am very grateful for her participation.

In the same breath, I want to also introduce Jaime Cortez, who will take over Kate's responsibilities as the curatorial teacher. Jaime comes to us with a great deal of experience as a curator and artists. You might be familiar with his oceanic photos of naked people in the current Galleon Trade section of our BAN 5 show. You can click here to see Jaime's current blog of some of his work and writings.

Our first day with Jaime was fun. He took us to the Hotel des Arts for an New Art '08 opening, where hotel rooms were decorated by various artists and occupied with emerging artists whose work was hung or for sale in person. I bought a postcard from the talking postcard machine and a stenciled Obama card. Monica bought 6 of them. She's still got the Obama fever. The opening was cool. Welcome Jaime to the New SuperSheroes Team.

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