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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

build disaster


Mari said...

monica had something like this earlier, except she used "create destruction" which is good becuase it shows that as a group we have a good vocabulary, and we're also on the same wavelenght, or thinking alike, otherwise it'd be a lot harder to agree.
I really like the word "build" if we are going to replace "create", but like i told Monica, we aren't really creating destruction, we're getting rid of it, so something like "erase disaster/destruction" might fit...
i don't know how to explain it, do people get what i'm saying
I REALLY like your idea from Friday about combining two titles with the second one more like a subtitle: "Changing Humanity: _______ _______, endure body, recreate soul"
we just have to fill in that blank

Temo said...

Build > create

honestly, create has been hackneyed in the art world

disaster is good, as a starting point, what other words can you come up with that express a longer time/duration? Disaster makes the reader think of something instantaneous, Like Katrina, yes it happened, but then it was over, and now there is the remains. But the actual event, the Disaster, did not last very long.....humanity and it's pollution of the earth is constant.....i think that is what you guys are trying to flesh out more, the endurance, the resistance, to survival of the constant "destruction" by human hands.