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Thursday, September 4, 2008

sentence compilation- 4:48.

-This exhibition is about artists inspiring us.
- A personal experience beyond normal.
- This exhibition is about artists encouraging us to connect to a personal experience.
-Endurance, pyhisically, psychologically in the natural world

to inform
think inspire

- Endurance is with all of us all the time physically, psychologically and in the natural world.
This exhibition is about artists inspiring us to connect to a personal experience of endurance.

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Temo said...

Please also remember for next week: Wednesday’s Homework:

Please have a 3-->5-->8 Sentence Paragraph/Curatorial Statement posted on the blog by Tuesday at 11:59pm (right b4 Wednesday) I would ideally like 5 sentences, please. Also, please have a title ready!

Please, Do not worry what everyone else wants for a Statement/direction of the show. This is time for your to publish what you want and what you think!!! DO NOT LOOK AT EACH OTHER’S POSTING UNTIL YOU HAVE WRITTEN YOUR OWN!!!!!!!! I do not want to see ‘copying’…I want to see your original ideas. Once you have posted, you can comment on each other’s writings.

Thanks Guys


Here it is again:
1) Post a Title
2) Post a ~5 Sentence curatorial statement (mission statement)