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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

so i came to the blog cause i had no idea how i would find artistsssss.
and then i say the links posted right at the top, it was perfect.

i really liked Irene Gennaro's Ex Votive Series.
Peter Illig-he's pieces have a lot going on with different people in the paintings, telling a story.
Pamela Joseph- has a lot of paintings with women in them. i found her when i typed in "hardships" in the key word searh box.
Michael Janis was my favorite because i thought his work was rather perfect. it fit really will with the psychological part of our theme. Like how people think its important to fit in, like how they think makes them insecure.

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Mari said...

OMG, i reallly liked Janis's work too!!! I went to the site
and its an awesome source, thanks for sharing, scarlett, see you tomorrow