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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Couple o' Questions

Daaahhh. I'm wondering if all we should post in this blog is stuff pertaining to the Curator business... If it really is a blog where we can share what's going on with ourselves, work or play or otherwise, I wanna share my latest endeavor in drawing:

Just Move by ~elicitchaos on deviantART

Clicky-clicky. This is what my stuff looks like, colored. 8D Inspired by Lady Gaga's song, Just Dance.

Anyway, I checked the calendar and am wondering about the Thanksgiving Recess mentioned next week. On Wednesday it says we have class - are we or are we not going to show up on Wednesday and the days after? Most likely no, right I need to get my sleep on?

Just draw~

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Contemporary Jewish Museum Event Reminder

Reminder for Thursday, November 13 Event:
All YAWs will accompany Jaime to the youth event at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Remember that while you're there, we want you to have fun, but we also want to be looking at the exhibitions with your curator eyes. See you then!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Night Party! OBAMA!

The Freedom of Art: Election Night Party was a great event. The house was so crowded that there was a line around the corner of people trying to get in until about 9:30pm. Rosa and Khristine were great at the art scrawl table. I want to thank them for their efforts. A blogger for the SF Weekly took a picture of the art scrawl wall and captured one of the drawings that Khristine made. Once again YAAWers are making the news. Here's the link that somewhat describes the wild night of art and performance.

Monday, October 27, 2008

50 Visionaires who are changing your world

Utne Reader, one of the most politically progressive magazines read in the U.S., named the 50 most influential visionaries in the U.S. and a couple of people from the Bay Area were selected including Favianna Rodriguez whose artwork is starting to draw a lot of national and international attention. Read the article here.

Friday, October 24, 2008

SuperSheroes and Super Pix

YAAW T-Shirt crew at The Big Idea Day

Getting some edumacation from Andres Guerrero from White Walls Gallery
The YAAWers pounding the streets looking for artists.

With Favianna Rodriguez during a studio visit in Berkeley

Scarlett at What's The Big Idea Day

Searching for the next big artist at Shooting Gallery

Thursday, October 16, 2008

So we drove to Tiburon to visit Artist Michael. It was amazing! He did an art piece that day. I really liked how he mixed exercise and art to make this amazing piece of art. I never thought you could mix art with exercise. It was fun!

Field Trip!

I put this picture up cause I like visuals! It feels really boring when I post stuff without some kind of visual.

Anyways, the artist visit in Tiburon was very interesting. I really liked Michaels artwork because it was much different from anything I've seen in a long time. 

It's so interesting how he said that the idea of the wall sit and creating the circle around him came to him as a way to mix exercise with art. 

I have sort of mixed feelings if he should be in our show or not because he explained that what he does is an endurance but the goal he's trying to get to is that he's trying to test his limits.

While the artwork we've been looking at is really about how people endure what they have (like what they were born with or must deal with) to continue their life.

Michael Namkung Studio Visit

Also, I have to mention something important: While I was taking my backpack back from Jaime's car, I accidentally also looped in another smaller bag (that seemed to be attached to my backpack for some reason). However, when I realized that, Jaime and the others already drove off. So. If anyone, I believe it's Jaime's, is missing a camera, I have it and will bring it back on Friday. I'm sorry for the slip up.


Michael and One of His Work Pieces

Michael Doing a Small Demo For Us

Well, this is only half, I think, of the pictures that I took. I am just afraid that my bill on my cell phone would go up since I am sending these from my cell phone to my computer (or rather e-mail address). Again, sorry for that.

All in all, I had a really great time meeting Michael Namkung - he's a rather insightful man (with a very powerful grip when shaking hands). That, and creative, in many aspects of the word.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

the artist i would like to have in our exhibition are:
chukes because he fits in are endurance of psychological he focus on human expression in his art work
joe sam i think he fits in are endurance of psychological his work reflects on the problems and ideas concering people of color

lauren davis because see fits in are endurance of nature because she uses dog hair and creature new and amazing work. She focuses on the relationship to the natural world

friedman warner in my opinion fits in are nature endurance because her work {reflects in opinion all the session of this world} my opinion

What do you guys think?sorry i havnt been to class i havnt been feeling good i hope to be back soon

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

so i came to the blog cause i had no idea how i would find artistsssss.
and then i say the links posted right at the top, it was perfect.

i really liked Irene Gennaro's Ex Votive Series.
Peter Illig-he's pieces have a lot going on with different people in the paintings, telling a story.
Pamela Joseph- has a lot of paintings with women in them. i found her when i typed in "hardships" in the key word searh box.
Michael Janis was my favorite because i thought his work was rather perfect. it fit really will with the psychological part of our theme. Like how people think its important to fit in, like how they think makes them insecure.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Links from Kevin at Intersection

Hey all,

You mentioned last week that you hadn't seen these links yet that were sent to us from Kevin Chen over at Intersection for the Arts, so here they are:

"Here's a bunch of great sites to look at lots of work and styles of artists.

The Irving Sandler Artists File

Art Business Opening Receptions

and here's the websites for some of the artists that I showed from the obsessive reuse show ....

Lauren Davies (dog hair sculptures)

Stephani Martinez (doilies and buttons)

Zachary Royer Scholz (couches)"

Friday, September 19, 2008 Joe sam is a african american artists.We got to see his art work today at oakland. It was incredible looking at his art. It"s amazing for me by the color,material he uses in his art usually people would throw the material that he uses in his art work but he uses it as art which is amazing. This is his website if you guys want to check it out .

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Goodbye Kate and Thank You! Hello Jaime.

At yesterday's class, Kate, our curatorial godmother, announced that as of this Friday, September 19, she will be leaving her position as Interim Director of Visual Arts for YBCA as a new Director of Visual Arts Betti-Sue Hertz was announced.

This is sad news, but Kate assured us that she will continue to check in periodically to see our progress as a curatorial team, and will accompany us to a few of the artist studio visits for those artist whom she suggested. The YAAWs that were present spoke very openly and gratefully to Kate thanking her for her service and getting their final questions to her. I want to thank her for the time that she did spend with us. She provided a solid foundation for the understanding of the curatorial duties that we will face, and was very instrumental in helping us arrive to the curatorial statement and themes for our show. Once again, I am very grateful for her participation.

In the same breath, I want to also introduce Jaime Cortez, who will take over Kate's responsibilities as the curatorial teacher. Jaime comes to us with a great deal of experience as a curator and artists. You might be familiar with his oceanic photos of naked people in the current Galleon Trade section of our BAN 5 show. You can click here to see Jaime's current blog of some of his work and writings.

Our first day with Jaime was fun. He took us to the Hotel des Arts for an New Art '08 opening, where hotel rooms were decorated by various artists and occupied with emerging artists whose work was hung or for sale in person. I bought a postcard from the talking postcard machine and a stenciled Obama card. Monica bought 6 of them. She's still got the Obama fever. The opening was cool. Welcome Jaime to the New SuperSheroes Team.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Hey Guys, I know you are busy students, but you still need to blog and post to the calendar/read the calendar.

----if you are going to be absent/late, please post that on the calendar...IN ADDITION to calling Darren.
----Curatorial Statements and list of Artist should already be up on the Blog.
----please read the calendar and get savvy with how it works, you need to know what is happening every day, and we try our hardest to post accurate information.
Also, I guarantee in the future you will be using programs like these; so get some good practice in now.

Thanks guys!! You have been doing great so far!!! And I will miss you dearly

Stay Frosty

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Recommended Artists
Justin 'Coro' Kaufman
Caleb Duarte

From the moment that we are all conceived, humans endure from start to finish of our lives. Naturally we endure through our environment; physically we go through the changes of our body; psychologically our minds attempt to digest more and more information to better our understanding of the world around us. The art and artists of this exhibition convey personal experiences that connect to our own daily lives in hope that the viewers become more aware, more acute in what happens in the seconds of today.

We welcome you to enter through our doors and experience the world through future eyes.


I sound corny... 8D;;

Monday, September 8, 2008

This exhibition is about the organic endurance of nature; both the physical and the psychological.
This exhibition seeks to connect and investigate artists' work of personal experience in endurance and/or passion for endurance of nature; physically and psychologically.

Any advice??
list of artist:
koh myung keun
lauren davies
stephen sumner

Evan Bissell

Here is a link for Evan Bissell. I think Kevin at Intersections might have talked about him during your visit. He did a project with Youth Speaks and of people on the 22 Fillmore bus. Check him out, and pay attention to his approach to youth and community.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

List of my artists and my paragraph


Lisa Dahl
Caleb Duarte
Thomas Doyle
Shepard Fairey
Frank Ebert
Frida Kahlo


We are all unique and different in our own ways. One person's fingerprint is never the same as anyone else. Although we are all different, we all feel pain and we all feel happiness in our lives. In this exhibition artists point out the astounding physical, mental, and natural endurance we are all susceptible to in our lifetime. 

Thursday, September 4, 2008

sentence compilation- 4:48.

-This exhibition is about artists inspiring us.
- A personal experience beyond normal.
- This exhibition is about artists encouraging us to connect to a personal experience.
-Endurance, pyhisically, psychologically in the natural world

to inform
think inspire

- Endurance is with all of us all the time physically, psychologically and in the natural world.
This exhibition is about artists inspiring us to connect to a personal experience of endurance.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Title Contemplation

(Re:)Birth of the Future [World] <-- Brackets mean whether or not it could be added.

I'm being surrounded by things concerning the word "world": The World Ends With You, WORLD END...

build disaster


Enduring Humanity.
The Endurance of Humanity.

For Your Consideration

A serious look and depiction of transition and betweeness in a beautiful and humorous way. We will soon visit this gallery.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm up for anything with a colon, lol
like what Scarlet was saying about "Changing Humanity: create art, endure body, recreate soul"
and i know we're looking into changing "art" and "body", and possibly even the word "create"
I'm also with Scarlett about how "flesh" isn't the best replacement for body, but how about "individual" or "self" or "substance" or maybe even switch the verb-noun so that it is
"incarnate endurance" instead of "endure body"
as for alternatives to the word "art," how's really hard, but we could change "create" to "craft" if we wanted to so it is "craft art" and it's ambiguous, you don't know if craft is being used as a verb or a noun, in which case if it were a noun you could call all the strange art that uses other stuff a craft, leveling craft and art together to make them equal....meh, just a thought, a whim-of-the moment idea, don't take that last bit seriously you guys
other alternatives to "create" since i'm using a thesaurus and might as well look it up (note that I didn't really find anything for "art") include "imagine," "ingenious," "original," "fabricate," "shape," "compose," "produce," and "institute"

I really really like what we have so far, and adding "changing humanity" in front would be good
again, because it is ambiguous, does it mean changing all human beings (their bodies) or human kindness to the world around them


i'll comment on all your guys' posts on tuesdays, i'm doing all my HW on monday, which sucks, it wasn't my choice :'(
things came up....

we'll have this done by wednesday for sure ^^

Research of LIMN artists

  • Caleb Duarte: I really like what we saw in his installation, I feel we should also take him into consideration because he has a political,ironic and "in your face" aspect of his artwork.

I found this on his website.

Interesting info on the group project on the other side: (for artist websites, click on their name)

He had a lot  of nature in the paintings on his website, I think we should look at.

I really liked these:

I didn't like the "there goes the neighborhood" paintings, but I really like the "home sweet home" paintings: (below)

I really feel strongly about these two paintings because I feel it merges the "nature" and "endurance" part of our theme AND I could see it relating to what happened with hurricane Katrina AND the hurricane Gustav going on AS YOU  READ THIS.

He was the one with the white stuff exploding out of houses. I kinda don't get it, and I kinda don't like it, but here's some interesting stuff

Lori Nix:

Examples for are title maybe variation of soul,endures of body,wildness maybe we can write it like this
Of soul,endures of body and wildness

Any help? please comment and give your opinion im going to come up with more ideas

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Suggestions Anyone?

So we have the word "Create" and now we are looking for another that can go with the "Create" but it can't be the word "art" :

Substitution For The Word "Art"
  • Techniques
  • Talent
  • Ability

That's what I have so far!!!!

Suggestions Anyone?

Title Ideas

Create gutts, create word, create touch, create feel, create impact, create soul, create endurance, create rough, create intensity, create destruction.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

create inspiration
create disaster
create beauty
create fear
create art

Exhbitition Statement

Today, Alexa, Khristine, Darren, Cuauhtemoc, and I got together to discuss ideas for an exhibition statement which will probably help us choose a title better as well.
We made a lot of progress, but we feel that Rosa, Scarlett, and Monica ought to have a say in this.
Remebe that time last week when we had to figure out the order of the sentences for the gatherers show. We made sentences individually and tried to fit all our sentences together. We strung things together like "life is change" and how it incorporates the transitions in art and the human body.

We were approaching titles by the end of the day, and strung "create, endure, recreate" along with "body, art, soul" and tried to combine them as create art, endure body, recreate soul, the third part "recreate soul" alluding to the idea that when the visitors leave our gallery, they'll have a different perspective.....

um....thats about it
where's alexa and khristine?

and I have a question for darren, if we do meet at the limn gallery which is on 290 townsend (cross street 4th street) (and i've actually been there before, but for another reason, because City Arts and Tech High School was having a mini auction in order to raise money for a trip to Nicaragua.) what time are we meeting there? 4:30?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Intersection of the Arts

More research:

Lauren Davies:

I also really like this artist, and I feel it relates to the reuse theme we have. She also curates her own shows in an art place in Berkley. Hopefully we can meet her or something. (her contact info is on the website)

Stephani Martinez:

She was the one who put plaster on doidles (or w/e they're called) and when I looked at her other artwork, one thing I found interesting was she shows the gender roles of women.

She has one enbroiery of a woman sitting and then an arrow pointing to her private parts saying "pleasure" and other things. I found that pretty interesting because (back then i guess) women were the only ones to make embroidery, and that an embroidery has the gender role, its like the woman is gender-roling herself....

Its hard for me to explain in writing, I'm better at explaining when I talk.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Research info of the White Walls Artists! Please comment!!!

When I got home I reasearched on the following artists:

Cleon Peterson
Justin 'Coro' Kaufman
Shepard Fairey

  • 1. I went to Cleon's website, but he only has ONE picture up. I dug up a few thing such as:

But all the other pics I found was the same exact art that we already saw at the galleries. I am interested in maybe contacting him to see if he can visit us and show us more of his art. I feel his art kinda goes with the human endurance. Another painting I saw at the gallery but couldn't find it online was the one where theres a street corner and theres police everywhere, people killing each other, people trying to save themselves (everyone for themselves kind of thing) and I feel that it falls in the big umbrella we have of "human edurance"

  • 2. I also found "Coro's" website:
(Khristine, you should REALLY check out and really look around his website, I think you would REALLY like some of the drawings he posted)

But I'm not too sure about his artwork. I think it has a lot of a "aliens are gonna come and kill us in the future" feel to it ( on the concept art)

On the other hand, I did like some of the stuff on this section:

The only reason I like it was cause of some of the asthetics, but I think some of the pictures might relate to our theme. Check them out and tell me what you think.

  • 3. Shepard Fairey:

He seems to be a very political person, and I see political rebellion as a human endurance. I think of how people are forced to be silent and are repressed by the government. So I think he would also be good to consider.

YAY I'm a super shero!

Yeah I notice Khristine and I are always there....

Out of all the galleries i missed ONE (the one before the one we went today) oh well.

Here are videos/group pics:


Khristine and Rosa


July Attendance

YAAW's New SuperSheroes team attendance for July was 79%. Most of it was due to vacation time and committments to other internships. I don't ever expect attendance to drop below this marker. I will also post current perfect attendance streaks.

SuperSheroes in perfect attendance:

Monica War

Khristine "Bow Down to the " Manalang

Note: Please be a frequent vistor to the blog and review the calendar before you leave to YBCA.

pepsi and pickles,



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Today's class 8/20/08

Please come prepared for today's class. We have a few things to take care of:
Finishing the Thank you cards
Finishing the title
Visit with Edmundo de Marchena
(2 questions for Edmundo)
Calendar review
Please be on time, and be professional.
paz y pan,

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"The Gatherers" Curatorial Statement

Hey All. Here is the curatorial statement for the Gatherers exhibition that will be exhibited at YBCA before the Through Future Eyes exhibit.

Oct 31-Jan 11 (Gallery 3)
Curators: Veronica Wiman and Berin Golonu

""Urban Naturalists" (working title) looks at a culturally diverse group of artist groups and their motivations for greening the urban sphere. What ties their work together is a combined interest in using art and cultural activism to incorporate the experience of nature and agriculture into urban habitats. Various issues are touched upon, from the construction of public or semi-public urban social spaces; to environmental issues affecting urban residents; to the politics of localized food production and affordable nutrition for city dwellers. Since the experience of nature is a conditioned response that varies from one culture to the next, the curators are interested in bringing groups from different cultures and urban locales together to exchange and explore these differences. Also examined will be the cultural differences of populations and immigrant groups within each urban locale, and how varying backgrounds are reflected in the use of public space. We are therefore targeting artists from cities such as San Francisco, Stockholm, and Istanbul located near agricultural regions, and containing a large number of immigrant groups transplanted from both rural and urban locales. The project aims to examine how these differences motivate different incarnations of green pockets of social space within any given urban environment. The exhibition at YBCA will be flexible so as to accommodate proposals or public programs site-specific to the Bay Area and its residents."

Keep this in mind as your ideas about your theme develop and grow.

ps. Missed ya'll, see you Wednesday!
~One handed typing gimpy.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Rosa, Superstar!

My idea"nature within art" specifically means 'trash and nature' being re-used as elements in the creation of art! I believe that it's time for artists to bring back nature into art. As we lose the natural resources because of poor global planning or apathy, we will have to rely more upon the recycling of man made objects, which deplete the resources, and other natural things not only to make a better world, but also to make beautiful art. (Now, as in the future, artists must deal with the loss of nature and the loss of scarce resources to make art.)

Here are some artists that have nature as an element in or subject of their art:
- koh myung keun
- zach pine
- Tonito Valderrama
- markbaugh-sasaki
- Meeson Pae Yang

Ideas: "My Name Is (Wo)man" + "Deus Ex Machina (Title Pending)"

My Name Is (Wo)man - Alternate Name: Evolution of Feminization
What will become of women of tomorrow? Of next week? Month? Years? While the struggle for women's social status has been long and continues on, there has been definite changes to the image of a woman. So, what do people see the next step for women? What does society view women of today? What do people envision women of the future to be like? Artists explore and mold their ideas to give perspective and story to this concept to introduce audience the change of women, of femininity.

Recommended Artists:
Ana Teresa Fernandez
Edmundo de Marchena

"Deus Ex Machina"
Technology has been everywhere and anywhere throughout history, and has gone through large leaps and bounds on the past several centuries. Everywhere you see in today's society, technology is apparent, an addiction, technicalities given form and function. Machines, technology, and science are often viewed when referring to what the "future" will look like. Through the eyes of various artists, this exhibition would introduce ideas, possibilities of steel and wires and machines and computers of the future.

Recommended Artists:
Praba Pilar

I've been searching around deviantArt dot com, and have found various artists and samples that could go into either theme. In a sense, I could be mixing the two up, just showing the ideas separately. Samples are given with artists, thanks to DA's handy embed system.

Mecha + Masculine + 1 by ~DAMEAUX9 on deviantART

queenbee by ~ongaro on deviantART

EVE - by `adonihs on deviantART

Female mecha by *AndreeWallin on deviantART

The black dress by *elsevilla on deviantART

Enter the Hive by *elsevilla on deviantART

SHURIKEN: vehicle concept 1of3 by *HOON on deviantART

Recommended Artists
HOON (specially his GEISHA piece)

It'd be great if some of you guys could check around some of these artists. They could have something to catch your eye. Or, possibly, check out their Favorites - they could have favored another person's work or art that could appeal to you, or if you wish to learn more (as artists tend to favorite things to their own tastes or styles or whatever).

Too bad most of 'em seem to be from overseas and all. Ah, well.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Monica's ideas and artists

More detailed Ideas for the theme:

1. Endurance of the Human Body:
• Contrasting the beauty of the human body to the dangers of the human mind: I was thinking of Edmundo’s piece how represents women with these nice curves (pic #1), but in another he has this weird contraption that seems to hurt the ear(pic #2). Other things that destroy humans: invention of the atom bomb (pic #4), holocaust, abuse (pic #3), wars (pic #5).

Edumundo's Peices
(Pic #3)

(Pic #2)

(Pic #1)

Frank Ebert's peices:

(pic #4)

(pic #5)

• Contrasting the coarse-ness/ugly side of the human body, how it can endure a lot of pain, bruises, stiches etc. Juxtaposed to the side of fragility, softness, and cariƱo (I forgot how to say it in English, translator please!) of the human body. (Or like the softness/innocence of a child's body, versus the coarsness and worn down body of an old person or something)

Examples of Coarce-ness:

Frida Kahlo (but I don't think we can put her work up =/) (Frida Kahlo Roots)

Andrew Carnie (Disperse)

Jennifer D Anderson (no title)

Lucien Saxon (Job's Grief)


Frank Ebert

Giorgio Tuscani (Unveild Beauty? part II)

Frida Kahlo (Broken Column)

2. Transitions of becoming a child->teenager and becoming a teen->adult
Contrasting the Immaturities of tween years (like sexual stuff), and the rebellious side of becoming a teenager to an adult (like politics, and corruption)

Here are some examples:

Edmundo De Marchena:

Some of the Zeum Artists (couldn't find any names) I want to use their video, some audio, and the "sculpures" they made.

I was thinking if we could have performers, if we could have Youth Speak artists (rebellious side)

Also, painings from Balmy Alley. The paintings youth created.

Southern Exposures artists.