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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Friday, July 25 galleries

Heres some stuff I scribbled down on my notes:

  1. Southern Exposures: Youth, multicolored, triangles, (unity) black and white photography.
  2. Queens Nails: Creatures, blood, music, surrealism, humor.
  3. Third Base: Helps emerging artists
  4. Galleria de la Raza: Immigration, politics, people.

Here are some theories I spun on the way the galleries presented their artwork, the reasons maybe the curator put them in that way:

Southern Exposures: Triangles make me think of pyramids from Egypt. Creating a pyramid was a project that involved a lot of people to create. The same way all the youth in the program did some artwork to pitch in to create their exhibition. 

Queens Nails: A lot of creatures and fictional characters. I couldn't really think of much on this one. 

Galleria de La Raza: Talked about asylum and immigration. The area inside was very dark, and had a few lights, giving a mood (I can't find a word to describe it), almost like being in the shoes of an Immigrant crossing the border, a dark place with a few lights. 


Third Base advice:
  • Ways to find a theme/goal for our show: 
  1. We all choose a theme ---> look and pick art
  2. Look at many artists ----> choose a theme we see that repeats in the art we see

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