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Monday, July 21, 2008

Welcome to the YAAW Blog

This is the first post of the YAAW blog. Here is where we expect you to contribute your opinions, pick up information, reveal cool art findings, and contribute to the collective effort of the Young Artist At Work Curatorial team.
We expect:
1.) Everyone to post at least on thing each week. Since you are given journaling time at the end of each session to reflect on the day and the activities, exhibitions, and art, you have a basic draft of what to write about in your weekly summary. These reflections become crucial in the development of your "Curator's Eye" because there may be somethings that you picked up in the day that other's may have missed, and vice-versa. We need a centralized place to gather all of those ideas and feedback. Hence, welcome to the blog!
2.) This blog will be used for YAAW/YBCA purposes only. Topics and information that are relevant to YAAW & YBCA will only be allowed. This blog is not to be used for sharing personal information, talking about other people in a negative or slanderous way, announcing outside parties, posting inappropriate images, dialogue or information can lead to the dismissal from the program, dependent on the seriousness of the material. In other words, if you have a doubt that what you are posting is completely unrelated or inappropriate, then it is probably unrelated or inappropriate.
3.) The same rules that we established in class are also applicable in the blog. I will be posting the list of class rules that we collectively established. Read them. Learn them. Live them. Except that you can bring food and drinks into the blog, just leave them in the blog and not at YBCA.
4.) Distribute information that may be helpful for the understanding of the main topic of the class, the development of the "Through Future Eyes" exhibition. There maybe an article, a link, an image, a movie recommendation, a YouTube clip, or something on the web that helps further the discussion that you want to share with the rest of the group, the blog is the perfect place to share. Welcome to the blog!
5.) Please check and read the blog whenever you receive an alert. Keep up to date to what others are expressing. If we show up to classes on Wednesdays with everybody on the same page, our discussion will be much more productive.

Oh! Ooh! Oooh! I've got something to share!
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