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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Second Post by Marisol

Sorry for posting again so soon, I just really want to make sure I visit every place you guys already went to, but I don't want to merely visit some location, I want to know what all of you (Monica, Khristine, Scarlett, Rosa, Alexa, Natalia, Darren, and Cuauhtemoc) thought about those places, what you noticed, or want to point out for when I go there.

So far, from the calendar, I generated this list:
- Contemporary Jewish Museum
- Zeum
- Rena Bransten and Fraenkel Gallery
- Luggage Store
- Museum of Craft and Folk Art
- Museum of African Diaspora
- Edo Salon/ Lower Haters (?)
- De Young Museum
- Catharine Clark Gallery
- "awesome new cutting edge exhibit curated by an excellent team of extremely talented people"
(referring to BAN 5 I take it?)

I encourage everyone to respond, and while you guys are here, I thought I'd also share someone's blog that I found the other day
It's amazing
It's like a gallery within itself
and we could probably use it to our advantage
like this one, I found it at that blog
it's pretty futuristic if you ask me xD

Peace out!

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