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Monday, July 28, 2008

YAAW Ground rules

Here is the list of ground rules that we generated together. I hope that we could continue this list to move it towards perfection.

YAAW Ground Rules 2008

Be respectful
No cursing
Agree to disagree
Positive attitude
No drama
Come prepared
Be punctual
Ask for help
Share opinions
Share resources with others
No personal attacks
Help one another
Keep everything in house- confidentiality and trust
Be professional
Personal space
Step up, Step Down- engage in conversations and discussions, let everyone have a turn to speak
Speak for yourself
Use “I” statements
Be an active listener
Be responsible
Respect deadlines
Bring personal experience
“Todos somos equales”= Everyone is equals
Take risks, don’t be afraid to be wrong
One mic- take turns speaking
Be determined
Step out of your comfort zone
Challenge yourself
Feel free to explore
Give your best!

Thanks to Natalia for typing these out for us to share.

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