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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My post for the week

Art comes in all forms, and here are two I thought I'd share

1. typography of the V speech from V for Vendetta
typography is the art of the arrangement of type (words)

2. old clothes art
someone made a tree out of old clothes
I guess you could call it an installation piece


djd said...

Hey Mari,
thanks for the post. I hope that you can join us today at 1pm. We have some in-house stuff to take care of,powerpoint presentations, a meeting with Kate-YBCA's Visual Arts curator, meet and greet with Southern Exposure's teen program artists, and more powerpoint presentations.

Natalia said...

wow, and i thought I liked alliteration!

thanks for you post Mari. this video was surprisingly very engaging even though it was only typed words to a soundtrack.

looking forward to meeting you!