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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Examples for are title maybe variation of soul,endures of body,wildness maybe we can write it like this
Of soul,endures of body and wildness

Any help? please comment and give your opinion im going to come up with more ideas


Monica said...

I like where you're coming from, I like the sound of Wildness, if we can find a way for making it, I think a goal of no more than four words, that would be good =)

Mari said...

hey, after reading scarlett's post just now and reading this, i think we could combine them, because remember how we were trying to replace body with something, well, scarlett used humanity, and i just realized the best way to describe body is by simply saying "body"
remember we kept saying "endurance of the human body"
why not just completeley get rid of "body" and use "human"