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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Research of LIMN artists

  • Caleb Duarte: I really like what we saw in his installation, I feel we should also take him into consideration because he has a political,ironic and "in your face" aspect of his artwork.

I found this on his website.

Interesting info on the group project on the other side: (for artist websites, click on their name)

He had a lot  of nature in the paintings on his website, I think we should look at.

I really liked these:

I didn't like the "there goes the neighborhood" paintings, but I really like the "home sweet home" paintings: (below)

I really feel strongly about these two paintings because I feel it merges the "nature" and "endurance" part of our theme AND I could see it relating to what happened with hurricane Katrina AND the hurricane Gustav going on AS YOU  READ THIS.

He was the one with the white stuff exploding out of houses. I kinda don't get it, and I kinda don't like it, but here's some interesting stuff

Lori Nix:


Mari said...

wow, Monica, I really appreciate all the effort and time you put into all this research, not just this post, but the previous ones
I really like the piece where the two people are coming our of what looks like moss, or maybe they're being engulfed by it insted, hmmmm
anyways, you rock ^^
i didn't even know that that exhibit was more than one person lol

rosa gomez said...

thanks for blogging monica nica work i like your artists