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Friday, August 15, 2008

Ideas: "My Name Is (Wo)man" + "Deus Ex Machina (Title Pending)"

My Name Is (Wo)man - Alternate Name: Evolution of Feminization
What will become of women of tomorrow? Of next week? Month? Years? While the struggle for women's social status has been long and continues on, there has been definite changes to the image of a woman. So, what do people see the next step for women? What does society view women of today? What do people envision women of the future to be like? Artists explore and mold their ideas to give perspective and story to this concept to introduce audience the change of women, of femininity.

Recommended Artists:
Ana Teresa Fernandez
Edmundo de Marchena

"Deus Ex Machina"
Technology has been everywhere and anywhere throughout history, and has gone through large leaps and bounds on the past several centuries. Everywhere you see in today's society, technology is apparent, an addiction, technicalities given form and function. Machines, technology, and science are often viewed when referring to what the "future" will look like. Through the eyes of various artists, this exhibition would introduce ideas, possibilities of steel and wires and machines and computers of the future.

Recommended Artists:
Praba Pilar

I've been searching around deviantArt dot com, and have found various artists and samples that could go into either theme. In a sense, I could be mixing the two up, just showing the ideas separately. Samples are given with artists, thanks to DA's handy embed system.

Mecha + Masculine + 1 by ~DAMEAUX9 on deviantART

queenbee by ~ongaro on deviantART

EVE - by `adonihs on deviantART

Female mecha by *AndreeWallin on deviantART

The black dress by *elsevilla on deviantART

Enter the Hive by *elsevilla on deviantART

SHURIKEN: vehicle concept 1of3 by *HOON on deviantART

Recommended Artists
HOON (specially his GEISHA piece)

It'd be great if some of you guys could check around some of these artists. They could have something to catch your eye. Or, possibly, check out their Favorites - they could have favored another person's work or art that could appeal to you, or if you wish to learn more (as artists tend to favorite things to their own tastes or styles or whatever).

Too bad most of 'em seem to be from overseas and all. Ah, well.


Mari said...

i like the idea a lot (you and monica both have very sophisticated ideas), but there's one problem I see here
(please don't hate me!!! i luv you!!!)
most of the people you picked out are deviant art artists who work on computers, and you don't see much of that in art institutions, although it is a big part of game design
While the theme is awesome, if people can access the images online, they'd be less likely to come to a show, plus there isn't much to transport since the DA art is composed of computer files
i luv you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monica said...

I understand what you mean Marisol, thanks for pointing that out, I didn't think about it! =) Hopefully we find more artists that relate to our theme in the galleries we visit then.