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Friday, August 15, 2008

Rosa, Superstar!

My idea"nature within art" specifically means 'trash and nature' being re-used as elements in the creation of art! I believe that it's time for artists to bring back nature into art. As we lose the natural resources because of poor global planning or apathy, we will have to rely more upon the recycling of man made objects, which deplete the resources, and other natural things not only to make a better world, but also to make beautiful art. (Now, as in the future, artists must deal with the loss of nature and the loss of scarce resources to make art.)

Here are some artists that have nature as an element in or subject of their art:
- koh myung keun
- zach pine
- Tonito Valderrama
- markbaugh-sasaki
- Meeson Pae Yang

1 comment:

Mari said...

awesome rosa!
i really like that guy who made the rock sculptures on the beach
freeeeeeeee luuuunch!!!! yeah!!!!