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Thursday, August 14, 2008

list of artists (post by marisol)

Some of these people use nature as their materials, other's use other objects, be it books, guns, buttons, scrap metal. It's time to redefine trash. Many places, like the US are doing landfill mining to recycle plastic bags, and the UK is considering it (or maybe they already started...)
I'm trying to find out that specific statistic i was talking about that my sister told me of, but she's off at Davis and it's hard to contact her. Her t-mobile cell phone is useless!!! arg!!!!
anyways, hopefully I'll have polished this blog entry into a powerpoint presentation by tomorrow. I hope everyone blogs! I WANT FREE LUNCH

so here's my list:

misako inaoko (bay area artist!!!)
andy goldsworthy
pabra pilar (bay area artist!!!?)
brian dettmer
leigh wells (bay area?)
rex ray (bay area?)
tim noble and sue webster (a woman) (some dude)
if possible, the people at
lisa kokin (bay area artist!!!)
john ricker (bay area artist!!!)
shen shaomin (maybe)
doug owen
boaz vaadia
nathaniel parsons
christopher wenler
peter diminick (maybe...)
deagon keller (maybe....)
mark baugh-sasaki
jeff hantman
digger thang (not sure if that was his name)

and maybe that guy (or gal?) who was in my shoe book (stine heilmann)
and take a look at the poster for young at art
those shoes made of natural stuff were made by people at my school!

and not on my list, but khristine wanted me to remind her about Jessica Martin

note: not all these artists may be on the exhibit, since it may not be possible, and we could always find more artists that fit this concept about rethinking materials for art, using scrap stuff and nature objects, the possibilities are endless.
I encourage you guys to google the artists on this list, and maybe help me expand my list ^^

please comment!
and please check these people out!!!!


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Monica said...

Hey I reallly liked the stuff from the flickr account! I can see it fitting very well with the nature theme =)