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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Monica's ideas and artists

More detailed Ideas for the theme:

1. Endurance of the Human Body:
• Contrasting the beauty of the human body to the dangers of the human mind: I was thinking of Edmundo’s piece how represents women with these nice curves (pic #1), but in another he has this weird contraption that seems to hurt the ear(pic #2). Other things that destroy humans: invention of the atom bomb (pic #4), holocaust, abuse (pic #3), wars (pic #5).

Edumundo's Peices
(Pic #3)

(Pic #2)

(Pic #1)

Frank Ebert's peices:

(pic #4)

(pic #5)

• Contrasting the coarse-ness/ugly side of the human body, how it can endure a lot of pain, bruises, stiches etc. Juxtaposed to the side of fragility, softness, and cariño (I forgot how to say it in English, translator please!) of the human body. (Or like the softness/innocence of a child's body, versus the coarsness and worn down body of an old person or something)

Examples of Coarce-ness:

Frida Kahlo (but I don't think we can put her work up =/) (Frida Kahlo Roots)

Andrew Carnie (Disperse)

Jennifer D Anderson (no title)

Lucien Saxon (Job's Grief)


Frank Ebert

Giorgio Tuscani (Unveild Beauty? part II)

Frida Kahlo (Broken Column)

2. Transitions of becoming a child->teenager and becoming a teen->adult
Contrasting the Immaturities of tween years (like sexual stuff), and the rebellious side of becoming a teenager to an adult (like politics, and corruption)

Here are some examples:

Edmundo De Marchena:

Some of the Zeum Artists (couldn't find any names) I want to use their video, some audio, and the "sculpures" they made.

I was thinking if we could have performers, if we could have Youth Speak artists (rebellious side)

Also, painings from Balmy Alley. The paintings youth created.

Southern Exposures artists.

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