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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Intersection of the Arts

More research:

Lauren Davies:

I also really like this artist, and I feel it relates to the reuse theme we have. She also curates her own shows in an art place in Berkley. Hopefully we can meet her or something. (her contact info is on the website)

Stephani Martinez:

She was the one who put plaster on doidles (or w/e they're called) and when I looked at her other artwork, one thing I found interesting was she shows the gender roles of women.

She has one enbroiery of a woman sitting and then an arrow pointing to her private parts saying "pleasure" and other things. I found that pretty interesting because (back then i guess) women were the only ones to make embroidery, and that an embroidery has the gender role, its like the woman is gender-roling herself....

Its hard for me to explain in writing, I'm better at explaining when I talk.


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