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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Exhbitition Statement

Today, Alexa, Khristine, Darren, Cuauhtemoc, and I got together to discuss ideas for an exhibition statement which will probably help us choose a title better as well.
We made a lot of progress, but we feel that Rosa, Scarlett, and Monica ought to have a say in this.
Remebe that time last week when we had to figure out the order of the sentences for the gatherers show. We made sentences individually and tried to fit all our sentences together. We strung things together like "life is change" and how it incorporates the transitions in art and the human body.

We were approaching titles by the end of the day, and strung "create, endure, recreate" along with "body, art, soul" and tried to combine them as create art, endure body, recreate soul, the third part "recreate soul" alluding to the idea that when the visitors leave our gallery, they'll have a different perspective.....

um....thats about it
where's alexa and khristine?

and I have a question for darren, if we do meet at the limn gallery which is on 290 townsend (cross street 4th street) (and i've actually been there before, but for another reason, because City Arts and Tech High School was having a mini auction in order to raise money for a trip to Nicaragua.) what time are we meeting there? 4:30?


djd said...

Even though I didn't make the visit until the end, I felt that a lot of information was exchanged. Once again, I want to empahasize the importance of developing a good relationship with artists. The better relationship the more comfortable it will be to work with them and to exchange information with them in the future.
A couple of suggestions:
1. Eye contact
2. be a good listener
3. listen 85% talk 15%
4. Share everything, from a stick of gum to movie recommendations
5. Always shake hands
paz y pan

Mari said...

um.....monica and i did talk to caleb before you arrived about the yaaw/curatorial track thing.........

Monica said...

yeah, we asked quite a few questions