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Thursday, August 14, 2008

SuperSheroes: Be prepared for this Friday

Unfortunately, we will have to cancel the Legion of Honor visit for this Friday. In its place we have to meet to hammer out the theme and opening part of the statement for the Through Future Eyes exhibit. Since Kate will be gone for the next 2 weeks, she wants the theme to be set by Friday. As I told you on Wednesday your thoughts and ideas about the theme are something that we all need to know immediately. It would be unfair and selfish to keep your ideas to yourself. Remember we are a team, and are pushing the bus uphill. It wouldn't be unfair if someone did not decide to contribute, and instead sit down on the bus while everyone else is pushing. That works against the nature of teamwork. Each one of you is a great thinker. You are smart, intelligent, compassionate, and energetic. We need to capture that energy between us, smush it into a ball and unleash it onto the world announcing our arrival. We need to step it up to truly be the superstars that we are. Don't be afraid to bust out. We are the New SuperSheroes! Activate your power!

For Friday we need to:
-Begin class at noon and not 1pm.
-Bring an appetite, and I will bring lunch.
-One paragraph about the themes that we have narrowed down, or be bold and come up with a new theme.
- List our the strong parts of your ideas in either a list, mind map, or bubble diagram.
- Try to think of the areas of your ideas that may be weak or in need of development. If you can't visualize what your are saying then it may need to be developed more or dropped all together.
-Post on Blog, Read Blog, Comment on other's Blogging.
- If this is all done, we should be able to finish well before our 3pm deadline.
- If we finish, we can watch a documentary called "the Beautiful Losers", a film about one of the most popular exhibitions at YBCA. This exhibit continues to tour around the world, and the film shows the artists and the final results of the exhibit as they unfolded.

Be professional, Be On-Time, Live 110%, Be SuperSheroes!

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