Young Artists at Work is a paid, multidisciplinary arts, activism, and job training after-school program for San Francisco public high school teens.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Exhibition Ideas 8/6/08

YAAW Exhibition Ideas
Innovative material in art (5)
Art made with nature (6)
Color coding (2)
Mythos: mythology and symbolism in stories (1)
Graffiti: SF and street culture (6)
Science (1)
Poetry interpreted as art (1)
Endurance/perseverance of the human body (7)
Pressures related to becoming a(n) teenager/adult (6)
Outsider arts (adults not their age) (1)

2nd vote
Innovative materials for our future (4)
Graffiti Culture (1)
Endurance of Human Body/Becoming a Teenager (7)

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