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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"The Gatherers" Curatorial Statement

Hey All. Here is the curatorial statement for the Gatherers exhibition that will be exhibited at YBCA before the Through Future Eyes exhibit.

Oct 31-Jan 11 (Gallery 3)
Curators: Veronica Wiman and Berin Golonu

""Urban Naturalists" (working title) looks at a culturally diverse group of artist groups and their motivations for greening the urban sphere. What ties their work together is a combined interest in using art and cultural activism to incorporate the experience of nature and agriculture into urban habitats. Various issues are touched upon, from the construction of public or semi-public urban social spaces; to environmental issues affecting urban residents; to the politics of localized food production and affordable nutrition for city dwellers. Since the experience of nature is a conditioned response that varies from one culture to the next, the curators are interested in bringing groups from different cultures and urban locales together to exchange and explore these differences. Also examined will be the cultural differences of populations and immigrant groups within each urban locale, and how varying backgrounds are reflected in the use of public space. We are therefore targeting artists from cities such as San Francisco, Stockholm, and Istanbul located near agricultural regions, and containing a large number of immigrant groups transplanted from both rural and urban locales. The project aims to examine how these differences motivate different incarnations of green pockets of social space within any given urban environment. The exhibition at YBCA will be flexible so as to accommodate proposals or public programs site-specific to the Bay Area and its residents."

Keep this in mind as your ideas about your theme develop and grow.

ps. Missed ya'll, see you Wednesday!
~One handed typing gimpy.

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