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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm up for anything with a colon, lol
like what Scarlet was saying about "Changing Humanity: create art, endure body, recreate soul"
and i know we're looking into changing "art" and "body", and possibly even the word "create"
I'm also with Scarlett about how "flesh" isn't the best replacement for body, but how about "individual" or "self" or "substance" or maybe even switch the verb-noun so that it is
"incarnate endurance" instead of "endure body"
as for alternatives to the word "art," how's really hard, but we could change "create" to "craft" if we wanted to so it is "craft art" and it's ambiguous, you don't know if craft is being used as a verb or a noun, in which case if it were a noun you could call all the strange art that uses other stuff a craft, leveling craft and art together to make them equal....meh, just a thought, a whim-of-the moment idea, don't take that last bit seriously you guys
other alternatives to "create" since i'm using a thesaurus and might as well look it up (note that I didn't really find anything for "art") include "imagine," "ingenious," "original," "fabricate," "shape," "compose," "produce," and "institute"

I really really like what we have so far, and adding "changing humanity" in front would be good
again, because it is ambiguous, does it mean changing all human beings (their bodies) or human kindness to the world around them


i'll comment on all your guys' posts on tuesdays, i'm doing all my HW on monday, which sucks, it wasn't my choice :'(
things came up....

we'll have this done by wednesday for sure ^^

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Monica said...

I actually kinda like "flesh" because I feel it connotes endurance, and it would make it shorter. If we say "endurance of the human body" thats much longer than "create flesh" or something.
I would like "imagine" instead of "create" it makes me think of John Lennon =P