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Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Absenses

Hi everyone,

I know i've been absent alot lately and i wish i've could have been there for the trips and for our guests on wednesday, but as we all know i had the stomach flu and could not participate. I did manage to contact Rosa and Monica to ask about any assignmaents. Monica did say that we have to brainstorm about themes and pick two, i believe, and say why we picked those two. And also she told me that Kate wanted us to come with two questions we want to aks the artist that will be coming in next week and i do have the list of the artists names that maybe coming in next week. I also missed the BAN 5 meeting today because i didnt get to a computer soon enough but i have replied to Monicas message stating that i would like hear all about what happened.

ok so now i have to leave but i will see everyone on Wednesday if any anything comes up i will be emailing everyone my number to contact me. So shall i say tootuls!

p.s. I think i spelled it right!
bye bye!

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